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We at Cargo Cargo are committed to a green environment and will adhere to practices guided by a sustainable policy to minimize our impact on the only planet we call home. We aim to improve our logistic operations by constantly incorporating processes that minimize global consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.

Our practices on a daily basis are as follows:

Recycle Recycle
-Use only 100% recycled post-consumer paper for our folders
-File paper deemed useless is shredded and disposed of in trash for recycling
-Recycle water bottles, soda cans on a daily basis
-Recycle by reusing paper clips
-Recycle printer toners
-Procure office supplies that incorporate recycled material for sustainability
Reduce Reduce
-Reduce consumption by reusing our recycled folders
-Reduce paper folder usage by using ultra durable poly file folders for long-lasting use.
Reduce Business Travel Footprint
-Rent hybrids or cars that have a 30 mpg rating or better whenever traveling
Reduce Electricity Consumption
-Reduce use of air conditioning / heating during summer and winter, respectively. Casual attire is permitted to accommodate office conditions.
-Encourage reduction of lighting use during daylight hours
Reduce Water Consumption
-Reduce use of water for landscape and cleaning by incorporating a NO-TRASH - TAKE PRIDE office environment. Encourage all team members to maintain professionalism in facility thereby minimizing the need to clean with water.

We know we can all do more to improve and strengthen our processes and we invite you to participate by your comments and feedbacks. We will respond to your ideas through our efforts to create an environmental friendly service for your logistics needs.
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